Top 10 Adventure 1997-2007

Indigo Prophecy
This is an adventure game which should?ve set some standards upon release. With its interaction during the cinematic sequences that kept you engaged throughout the entire story, which by the way, is a superb one to say the least, and the great voice-acting that took place from each individual, Indigo Prophecy took the elements that are included in an adventure and made each component standout on its own and that?s what makes his game one of the best adventure games for the past ten years.
Myst III: Exile
The Myst series has been around for quite some time and it has gone through different transitions since it?s time of conception, but through those changes have come some pretty remarkable additions to the overall adventure game genre. Between the visuals and the amazing amount of depth in the back story that seems to spill out of every screen you come upon while exploring the different environment, Exile is simply the best in the series for overall gameplay and creativity.
Grim Fandango
This has to be one of the best adventure games out there, but it has more to do with the strangeness of the characters within the game and its design. For those of you who don?t know Grim Fandango is an amazing game and the storyline will have you hooked from the beginning not only because of the quirkiness of the characters and what?s happening, but also how it happens and how it is presented throughout the entire game. Once you?ve played it, you?ll never forget many Calavera, the employee of the Department of Death.
The Curse of Monkey Island
The long awaited third title in the Monkey Island series, this game takes the rich characters of previous games and puts them into a wonderful storyline that has some of the best dialogue in an adventure game. With some stunning visuals for the time, being 1997, The Curse of Monkey Island gave players some good challenges on the multiple puzzles spread across the hours of gameplay. If you?re not sitting at your computer laughing at some of the hilarious gameplay, there?s got to be something wrong with you.
The Longest Journey
The main concept of adventure games has to be the story and The Longest Journey is certainly not lacking. With a lead character like April Ryan, and the subsequent side characters that follow, you?ll soon be attached to not only the characters you?ll meet, but the overall story of the game and along the way, you?ll be presented with some great visuals that set each environment apart and give them the atmosphere they deserve.
Involving all the key aspects of a good adventure game, Syberia has some great storytelling, challenging puzzles, decent voice-acting, and some great visuals. The story seems to spill out depth and detail in each location you come across and through the dialogue presented between the different characters you meet. Syberia, simply put, kept the adventure game genre alive when it truly needed it, and in force.
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened
A rich storyline inside this great adventure game that has you hunting down the Cthulu cult. As you trace different footsteps and search for clues, you?ll see some great locations with graphics that show the environment for how it should look, in 3-D. Along the way, you?ll have some challenging puzzles and some great depth from the histories of Sherlock and his trusty sidekick Watson. An easy recommendation in this genre because of the overall storyline and how it is perfectly presented to the player throughout the game including its cutscenes.
From the start, this game may look pretty peculiar, and even as you load your first game, you may be somewhat beside yourself as you enter the mind of madman, filled with some challenging puzzles, but presented with some decent visuals for its time back in 1998. Sanitarium is just one of those games that takes an idea that would seem hard to follow through to the end, but somehow it just does it perfectly. You kind of have to wonder the mental stability of the developers who created this and how they did it so well with putting you in the mind of someone who has some definite problems inside his head.
Outcast is a game that will probably leave you surprised at how well it actually plays out from beginning to end. With a vastly populated game world that?s filled with NPCs that have some pretty good voice-acting, Outcast is an adventure game that borders the line of almost being an action game, but certain elements keep Outcast in the realm of adventure including some decently scripted puzzles that always have something unique to do with the story. Those of you who might be looking for an adventure game with more control, might want to check out Outcast.
Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon
This installment into the Broken Sword series brings it into the 3-D visual age which looks pretty decent and gives the overall gameplay a much needed boost into the newer generation of adventure games. Much like Outcast, this game also borders the action genre as it gives you more control of your character as you navigate through some great environments, which include some challenging puzzles. With a storyline that?s interspersed with some decent dialogue and some superb voice-acting, The Sleeping Dragon really updates the series in a way that other adventure game developers should be taking notes from.