Top 10 Multiplayer Shooters 1997-2007

Halo 3
Over the years, the Halo series has definitely grown. From Combat Evolved to now the latest installment in the series which successfully ends the trilogy. With a lengthy, engaging storyline that finishes up most of the story elements from the two previous installments, Halo 3 doesn?t break too much new to the table, but it?s how it?s brought is what gives it such high marks. The online multiplayer component is now better than ever with both large and small maps for players to run and gun through with vehicles or on foot. The single player campaign can now be run through with four people which are a welcome component of any first shooter fan, and the storyline flows through to the end. With enhanced graphics that shine and also stay at an impressive framerate whether on your own or online, many gamers will notice the time of development that was put into the game. Not mention the new Forge component which lets you somewhat change up the maps and also take screenshots and movies of you and your friends. You could easily spend weeks with this game and still be having fun either on your own or with friends.
Unreal Tournament 2004
A game based around multiplayer, UT2K4 came with everything 2K3 had, but added more maps, vehicles, and an immense amount of fun over the internet. Providing players with multiple styles of play including: Assault, Onslaught, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Unreal Tournament 2004 keeps any player in their seat while they battle it out with players across the world. Add to the fact, the downloadable content released not only by the community, but by the developers themselves in the Editor?s Choice package, this is a multiplayer game that players will be involved for quite a while.
Halif Life: Counter Strike
Taking the engine that made Half Life popular, a handful of loyal fans created a team-based online multiplayer game that took the online community by storm. Finding its spot in the online first person shooter community, in between the powerhouses of Unreal Tournament, Call of Duty, and Quake, Counter-Strike became one of the most popular online games simply because of how open the game. Open in the way of creating new maps, weapons, skins, and pretty much anything you wanted. To this day, there is still quite a large online following for the game, even after Counter-Strike Source has been created, the sequel with updated graphics and gameplay.
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
With each new installment into the series, it seems like the Call of Duty series keeps getting better in not only overall quality, but also gameplay. With this latest game in the franchise, the series takes a modern twist and it does it well. With an intense campaign that has you crossing the globe from the middle of the ocean on a sealiner to the ghost town near Chernobyl. Although the single player campaign may be a little on the short side, not enough can be said about the depth that?s in the multiplayer component of this game. With an already great track record with the online multiplayer, Infinity Ward adds something more with an experience system that has you unlocking different classes and weapons when playing online with others. A different take on the importance on playing more and becoming better online, Call of Duty 4 rewards the player well with their multiplayer component and this feature will keep players and fans of the genre playing for hours on end.
Half Life 2: Team Fortress 2
With a class system that actually balances between themselves in their own unique way, one can?t help but notice the time that was spent creating this title. Each class of character, whether you?re a spy, pyro, or engineer, has a place in the overall team aspect of the game in any match. Created in a cartoon style of graphics, Team Fortress 2 doesn?t try to break records in graphical detail, but they certainly do in graphical style. With some fun audio and overall great sound including sound effects and musical score, Team Fortress 2 is truly a team-based online game that strives to have teammates cooperate to complete different tasks.
Quake III Arena
Building upon the success of the previous installments in the series, Quake III: Arena was centered around online multiplayer and it shows. With multitudes of maps to play through and hours of online entertainment, Quake III was the ultimate deathmatch game for the pc during its time. With some excellent graphics for its time and some of the best gameplay for an online first person shooter experience, Quake III definitely had its time as the king of all online shooter for a time.
Goldeneye 007
Somewhat based off the world of James Bond and somewhat based off of hilarity, Goldeneye gave four friends on a Friday night hours of entertainment with the different levels, different gameplay types, and a host of characters to play as, Goldeneye 007 was just one of those games that sold Nintendo 64 consoles. If there ever was a game that four people didn't mind sharing there television screen in quarters for, it's Goldeneye.
Battlefield 2
With all the new and added features since the last Battlefield game, this has to be one of the biggest overhauls from one game to the next in a series ever in game history. With the great graphics, and team-based style of gameplay, not to forget the intricate online tallying system for kills, etc, the developers definitely took their time in giving the player an awesome online experience in the modern era of combat. Being a mostly online game, and also one of the most popular online shooters, one has to think that the developers definitely know what they?re doing with Battlefield 2. With the ability to drive and fly different vehicles including tanks, jeeps, and airplanes, Battlefield 2 is definitely a game that will take over gamer?s lives for some time to come.
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
A major online game that focuses on teamwork from having different classes, different objectives, and a focused mission based games each time. With extremely balanced gameplay and a range of weapons to help you along the way, this is one of the most team-oriented online games out there. With everything being based on these focused missions brings a certain intensity to the overall game and that it where Quake Wars exceeds.