Year's end quickly approaching

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As COG_Nition was so kind to remind me, this year is quickly coming to an end!  Outside of my own personal excitement at the revitalization of PBR and DJ COG_Nition spinning for us every other week, this has also been a great year for music.  I know just last week I was really enjoying the SITD album from this year, and with doing this week's show I'm reminded how much I love the Depeche Mode tribute album from Alfa Matrix.

As I've just started to think about it, I know there are quite a few albums I'll have to pull out and listen through again.  One item I don't think will make the list is Assemblage 23's "Compass".  This wasn't a bad album by any means, but I just don't remember being blown away by it.  I really have high expectations each time Tom Shear produces something, and I guess I really was just a little bit let down.  "Smoke" is a great track though, and the album does have a few other gems.  So we'll see, that's one I definitely need to listen through again before I commit to it not being on the list.

So what about others?  What'd you fall in love with this year?

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