Embrace The Darkness Vol. 6
Running time: 1:10:30
Mixed on: 5/23/2009
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01) X-RX - Tanz Schlampe
    Off of the album "Stage 2" on Pro Noize
02) Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1 - The Menacing Planet [Syrian Remix]
    Off of the album "Extinction Reprogrammed" on COP Int'l
03) ESC - Reptile
    Off of the "Extreme Sundenfall 7" compilation on Indigo
04) Grendel - Hate This [X-Fusion Remix]
    Off of the "Advanced Electronics Vol 6" compilation on Synthetic Symphony
05) Reaper - X-Junkie [Club Mix]
    Off of the album "The Devil Is Female" on Infacted Recordings
06) Soman - Noise Anthem [Infacted 4 Version]
    Off of the "Infacted 4" compilation on Infacted Recordings
07) Combichrist - Sent To Destroy
    Off of the album "Today We Are All Demons" on Metropolis Records
08) XP8 - Our Time
    Off of the album "The Art of Revenge" on Sigsaly Transmissions
09) Siva Six - Streetcleaner [Remixed by XP8]
    Off of the album "Rise New Flesh (Flesh and Will Resurrected...)" on Decadance Records
10) Mindless Faith - I'm Pretty Much Fucked
    Off of the album "Medication For The Misinformed" on AlterCulture Records
11) FGFC820 - Killing Fields
    Off of the album "Law & Ordnance" on COP Int'l
12) Modulate - Skullfuck
    Off of the "Endzeit Bunkertracks Act III" compilation on Alfa Matrix
13) [SITD] - Propaganda
    Off of the album "Bestie Mensch" on Metropolis Records
14) Glis - Dead Set [7am]
    Off of the "Re:connected 2.0" compilation on Alfa Matrix
15) Hocico - Fed Up
    Off of the album "Memorias Atras" on COP Int'l
16) Wynardtage - Cold Massive Blue [FGFC820 Mix]
    Off of the "Extreme Sundenfall 6" compilation on Indigo
17) Angel Theory - Human [JVL Mix]
    Off of the "Crash Frequency Vol. 2" compilation on Crash Frequency

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Alright man another mixset, I will check this out when I get a chance. Thanks for listening to my mixsets as well.

Posted by: YoshiRPG | 6/9/2009 1:20 PM

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