Embrace The Darkness Vol. 5
Running time: 64:21
Mixed on: 10/5/2007
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01) Noisuf-X - Tinnitus
    Off of the "Cyberl@b Vol 5.0" compilation on Alfa Matrix
02) Reaper - Twisted Trophy Hunter [Remix by XP8]
    Off of the album "Hell Starts With An H" on COP Int'l
03) Manufactura - Open For Pleasure
    Off of the album "We're Set Silently On Fire" on Crunch Pod Media
04) Combichrist - Electrohead
    Off of the album "What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People?" on Metropolis Records
05) Rector Scanner [Feat Ivo] - Your Body
    Off of the "Bodybeats" compilation on COP Int'l
06) Frontline Assembly - The Storm
    Off of the album "Artificial Soldier" on Metropolis Records
07) Solitary Experiments - The Essence of Mind [SITD Remix]
    Off of the album "Cause & Effect" on Out Of Line
08) Faderhead - Dirtygrrrls Dirtybois
    Off of the "Advanced Electronics Vol 5" compilation on Synthetic Symphony
09) T.O.Y. - Fairytale [Syrian Mix]
    Off of the "Fairytale" single on A Different Drum
10) Seabound - Traitor [Extended Version]
    Off of the album "Double-Crosser" on Metropolis Records
11) Dismantled - Anthem
    Off of the album "Standard Issue" on Metropolis Records
12) [:SITD:] - Area 51 [2K6 Remix]
    Off of the "Accession Records Vol 3" compilation on Accession Records
13) Tumor - Tote Alle
    Off of the "Machineries Of Joy Vol 4" compilation on Out Of Line
14) XP8 - Cuttin'N'Drinkin [Grendel Remix]
    Off of the "Infact1on Two" compilation on Infacted Recordings
15) Monolith - 50367329 [Album Edit]
    Off of the album "Talisman" on Alfa Matrix

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