Plagued By Rhythm - 10/30/2007
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Duration: 2:16:07

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The Halloween Edition is tonight! A darker/harder mix overall, with a few more gothic tracks than you normally hear. Gotta love the "Halloween Medley" at the beginning - it''s a long standing tradition that I''m proud to continue.

Halloween Edition! A darker/harder mix overall, with a few more gothic tracks than you normally hear.

The Electric Hellfire ClubHalloween MedlyEmpathy For The DevilCleopatra Records
Sweet vs The Mission UKBallroom BlitzPsycho Tina's House of HorrorsCleopatra Records
She Wants RevengeTear You ApartShe Wants RevengeGeffen Records
yelworCEcce Mundo [Version 2]IcolationMetropolis Records
Mindless FaithBoundMedication for the MisinformedAlterCulture Records
Tactical SektDevil's Work [Accuser Rmx]Burn ProcessNoiTekk
WolfsheimEveryone Who Casts A ShadowCasting ShadowsMetropolis Records
Null DeviceEntwinedExcursionsNilaihah Records
Blue Birds Refuse To FlyBurningXenomorph AngelDecadance Records
The AzoicCarve Into You [2003 Edit]IlluminateNilaihah Records
Butterfly MessiahIt's Time [Post Kronos Dance Mix]It's TimeThe Fossil Dungeon
SnogThe Last Days of RomeThe Last Days of Rome SingleMetropolis Records
Substanz-tOrbit 32Beyond EHymen Records
DJ? AcucrackTerror TrainHumanoids From The DeepCrackNation Records
<cybernetic:fuckheadz>The Trouble Causer<cybernetic:fuckheadz>Pflichtkauf
MiriamI Look AroundBeauty Is InvisibleDecadance Records
Alien VampiresThe Crop CircleItalian Body Music Vol
GrendelHarsh GenerationHarsh GenerationMetropolis Records
Penal ColonyThe Kids Are Behaviourly Medicated [System Syn Rmx]Futronik Structures Vol 5DSBP Records
GodkomplexLong Since DeadAudial ApostasyArtificial Noise Records
Fields of the NephilimXiberia [Seasons In The Ice Cage]Dark Awakening Vol 5COP Int'l
Unter NullYour Nightmare [Grendel Mix]Sick FuckAlfa Matrix
Dulce LiquidoHumid DreamsShock TherapyOut Of Line
XP8Still LivesInfaction 2Infacted Recordings
AngelspitVena CavaKrankhausCrash Frequency
Brain Surgery ExperienceHello Spaceboy [Moondust Mix]Hello SpaceboyBloodline
LeiahdorusRunParallel UniverseA Different Drum
japaneseCARCRASHSilent TearsBADmachine[Self-Released]

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