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Released on: 2003

My first exposure to PTI was their song "Icons" which appeared on the Thirdwave Collective's "Collective Consciousness" compilation. Let's just say I was instantly hooked at that point, and was ecstatic to receive their S.O.S EP. PTI is really a wide blend of sounds. Listening to this EP you'll hear elements of industrial, EBM, electro, powernoise and even a bit of breakbeat. The musical style is definitely a unique blend of these styles, and once again it's nice to hear a group that's trying to innovate the scene instead of copying it. In a general sense this album is definitely more of an electro-industrial fan's pick. There are some great tracks like "*.core" which have a very EBM feel to them. I think several choices of this album would work well in a club setting, but overall PTI is probably best enjoyed at home. The main vocals remind me a little of SMP, and are nice and harsh. There are more melodic vocals as well which in different cases sounded like Boole and Dubok.  The album has an excellent flow to it as well, with some really smooth transitions between tracks.

PTI is being distributed by WTII records, and it's nice to see a well-respected label giving this band the support it deserves. They've made Chicago proud, and they're sure to blow you out of your seat. The S.O.S. EP features seven songs, three remixes, and a music video for Icons. Here's what I thought about all of them, but I truly hope this is an album you'll pick up to hear for yourself.

Under the Radar – A nice progressive intro to start the album out. A few beeps moves into hard, powernoise-style beat. Progressive synths are added along with a repeated lyrics.

Icons – The beat drops from "Under the Radar" into a nice steady beat layered with some wet synths. More electro drums crescendo and the track takes off into a well-versed criticism of society. Atmospheric and melodic synths are added into the mix giving it overall a nice dancey electro-industrial feel, all topped off with harsh and abrasive vocals.

Alysium – A bit slower beat than "Icons" with a more irregular arrangement (i.e. not straight 4/4). Vocals are just amazing on this one with some great harmonies. Reminds me of SMP in some regards with Boole backup vocals. Very moving and catchy track with some arpped electronics and really excellent synths ranging from symphonic accompanyment to a slower orchestrated at the breakdown and outro. Lots of changeups from a faster clubby beat to the orchestrated breakdown to a harder industrial style breakdown.

*.core – Very EBM-oriented track, with a club/mix-friendly beat and harder synths. Drum breaks puntuate the end each harshly sung verse, and the occasional break displays some excellent electro and techno oriented synth work (changing between the styles).

T.unnel V.ision – Almost a breakbeat approach to the drums with some well-orchestrated flowing synths. I really liked the breaks in this one – "bomb drop" silence to some strong crunchy synths. The vocals on this one present some more harmonies as well, which sound great.

To The Sky – Indeed this one starts to the sky with some atmospheric synths. The vocals are mellow and sound amazing, which seem to be brought out more in this track. Slower beat overall, not very dominating, which gives crunching electro and sweeping synths a prominent role.

Smoke – Following up to "To The Sky", the intro to "Smoke" is also very atmospheric and the vocals are again more melodic and take on a tweaked quality like Dubok or Croc Shop. This track really takes off with a nice steady beat and some harsher vocals switch off.


Assemblage 23's "Optic Mix" of "T.unnel V.ision" is true to the Asm23 sound. Nice harsh techno style synths added in which give it a great club appeal.'s "slit.acid.motion mix" of "Smoke"- Robotic voice and samples with a hard electro loop laid over the top. Echo effect on the original vocals, which end up chopped up and looped – very nice work with this. A bit more broken but very interesting sound. It does throw in a nice beat but nothing sustained for a great portion of the song.

Dubok's "Slick Smoove Mix" of "Smoke" – Dubok's remix adds a lighter feel with synthpoppy electro arps and analog synths. Interesting contrast between the lighter music and harder vocals which are added in later, but definitely works with the melodic vocal parts.

"Icons" Video:

I think this video is incredibly well shot and produced. The band footage is awesome, but switches back to what I'm just going to dub a "mini action adventure". I don't want to wreck it for you. The only thing is that I wasn't expecting what I saw. I guess I had expected to see more images of the "icons" PTI is criticizing, but art is art, and hopefully you'll enjoy this as well.

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