Diverje vs Soul Circuit - Stronger

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2004

Bringing to the stage are two different sounds: the hard electro-industrial mayhem of Diverje along with the more mellow darkwave sounds of Soul Circuit. Who would have thought that two styles could have blended so well, even after throwing in MORE diverse styles through remixers? The end product is the "Stronger" album – split between remixes of the title track as well as material from both Diverje and Soul Circuit.

Stronger is truly an amazing track – the lyrics are inspiring and moving, and I think Tommy T has done some of his best vocals on it. Eight remixers take the challenge of modifying this track, and the selection of remixers adds a lot of diversity to what is already produced. The God Project remix is really my favorite. A very nice beat with some hard synth lines laid over, as well as some cool samples thrown in. Endif provides another great remix with the ultra-hard beat and some deeper synth lines. Really nice broken beat remix by Headache, as well as another breakbeat style track from Neo Void. Poynt provides some beautiful piano pieces into a remix, coupled with some synthpop-oriented elements. For the quirky/glitchy electro sound, check out Lidless Eye Flicker's remix. Even Soul Circuit steps up to remix, with a minimalistic track with some nice drum pounds. Masoschizm finishes it all off with a nice electro-industrial remix, but at the end rips it up with some electrified vocal tweaks.

Outside of the "Stronger" remixes are one original track from Soul Circuit and Diverje, as well as six remixes of tracks from the two artists.

Just Act Fake – synth-harpsichord intro to make it seem really mellow. Then a beat starts in and the track progressively gets faster and harder, tuff-ass vocals as well. The lyrics are a reality check to the pop-culture/media slaves out there.

Soul Circuit's "Believe Me" definitely shows Brett's arrangement & programming influences on the collaboration track "Stronger". Whispery vocals and a more synth-oriented track, this one is really dark and gloomy electro-industrial.

Diverje's "Cover Up" really shows the lighter side of Diverje, and the Soul Circuit remix flair brings it out even further.

Diverje remixes itself on "Red Eye" and provides some really hard militaristic beats coupled with some lighter electro lines. Very stompy.

The Zerocaliber remix of Soul Circuit's "Turned Out" is awesome – nice guitar driven industrial music with a hard drum kick, added into Soul Circuit's programming.

Soul Circuit's track "Gone" could rage the dance floor with Babel 17's hard-hitting remix. Biting synth lines and pounding drums – definitely a nice addition.

Spellcaster strips down a lot of Diverje's "Broken", leaving behind more of an ambient track added with some kick-snares. Minimal vocals effected and stretched. Definitely a change, but trance inducing and quite easy to listen to.

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