Little Sap Dungeon - Silent Entities
Silent Entities

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2004

Little Sap Dungeon has blown me away with their latest album, entitled "Silent Entities". With these eight tracks, LSD has delved deeper into the darker realms of power electronics, moving away (although not entirely) from the more traditional harsh electro-industrial sound. The tracks are blended amazingly well from one to the next, so this album needs to be listened to through the whole way. Be warned: this music progresses into some very dark realms, and you can't help but feel it creeping into the corners of your mind.

Tracks move back and forth between dark, gloomy ambient music to insane distorted powernoise madness to pure noise, with the more structured electro-industrial sound thrown in to provide structure in a sea of sonic chaos. This is more sample laden than vocals, but the samples are not overdone and I found them to be tastefully selected and add to the overall mood of the album.

"Deadspeak" is probably one of my favorite tracks, mostly because of the well sliced samples from the movie Session 9. Combining this with hellish distortion and beats, as well as the more dark ambient pieces, this almost 9 minute track is a mindf**k in so many ways. Also of note for me is "Never Ever Land", as the combination of beat, synths, samples and vocals make this a truly amazing track.

In "Silent Entities", Little Sap Dungeon has shown a huge level of progression in both production and creativity. Long time fans of LSD will need to give this one a shot, but I think several cross-genre listeners will be swung LSD's way after hearing it.

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