Inertia - Black Ice Impact
Black Ice Impact

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2004
Label: Cryonica Music

Two years have passed since Inertia's last release, "Advanced Revelation", hit the scene, and with that time Inertia have wasted no time in creating a new album that will find it's place on dancefloors worldwide. Although very diverse in sound overall, "Black Ice Impact" is an album that will appeal to fans of hard danceable EBM. Many tracks feature the harsher side of Reza Udhin's vocals, although others take on a more melodic with accompaniments by Alexys B. Also collaborating on this is Andrew Trail. Fans of Hocico and Blank will instantly crave this music, and DJs will have no problem working this into some nice mixes.

Of course, on the other side of the coin Inertia has given a few tracks that don't take on a hard 4/4 technoid-driven structure. "Truth or Lies" and "Slider" have a funky breakbeat feel to them and could be comparable to the newest material from Croc Shop and Stochastic Theory. "Hold Your Soul" is slower track that features the lead vocals of Alexys, who also takes charge on the bouncier tracks "Seven Sin VII" and "Shakalaka Baby". A slight electro-industrial edge can be found on "Faith on Fire" and "Violate", which have Reza's growling vocals again.

Included as a bonus is a well-produced video for "No Defect". Lots of quick-cuts, and high-energy shots of Inertia, with some erotic diversions thrown in as well.

Overall this album was wonderful in its diversity, and was done exceptionally well. The synth lines were hard and crunchy, the beats were deep and driving, and the vocals are up to par with Inertia's expertise. I think this album shows a good maturity in sound, and I think long-time fans of Inertia will have no problems picking it up and not being able to put it down. DJs as well should find several of these hitting their dancefloors soon.

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