The Mercy Cage - scree:transmissions

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2005

Not new to the scene, although new to me, The Mercy Cage has presented us this year with an amazing album. "scree:transmissions" is a proclaimed concept album, which is not something you'll find much outside of some of the more experimental artists. The Mercy Cage does it in true fashion, with a progressive CD filled to the brim with 23 tracks broken into four acts. Each act bites with political, spiritual and social criticism, all infused with a range of musical styles from EBM to industrial to electro to more experimental and ambient interludes.

Although this album was mostly arranged by Josh Wood, several others were a part of this which may attribute to its diversity in sound. One high point for me was Catherine A.K. doing vocals on tracks like "Rend [sutured]" which really appealed to the KMFDM fan in me. She has an amazing voice, and like Lucia's appearance in KMFDM, splits up an often male-dominated view of industrial bands.

Overall this album is nothing short of amazing: all tracks are masterfully done and, considering the wide range of styles and sounds present, flows very well throughout. In many ways this is a slap back to reality that industrial music still has its champions, and The Mercy Cage can justly take its place on that list.

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