Lexincrypt - This Descent
This Descent

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2005

Lexincrypt - 'This Descent'

The second release from Lexincrypt provides a really mature sound and brings along a little club appeal. While unique in its own right, this album reminded me in parts of work done by Hocico, as well as Symbiont (no real surprise, as Lexincrypt is a solo-project of half of Symbiont) and even :Wumpscut (most notably on the track "Dead By Morning").

"This Descent" is a mix of hard EBM and electro-industrial crossed with eerie ambiance and a little powernoise. "Beginning of the End" and "One Way To Escape" had the most club appeal for me, although "Unbeliever" did have a pretty nice beat as well. One thing I liked about Lexincrypt's approach is that these aren't beat-laden tracks with almost no other elements in them. You will still appreciate the beautiful yet haunting synths and harsh vocals. Along with several true electro-industrial tracks, there's also a more brooding collaboration with Scott Sturgis (Converter, Pain Station, Notime) on "Crawlspace". This is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album. Also of note is the powernoise track "Hil Mir" which is masterfully done.

If you're into mood music, this is one to pull out and listen to on a gloomy or depressing day. There is a great flow to the album, moving between tracks with more of a beat and those with more of an ambient feel to them. The whole album is cohesive and really seeps into your mind.

While staying up top as one of the greatest electro-industrial artists, this album readies Lexincrypt to take his place in notoriety next to harsh EBM acts like Hocico, Grendel and Tactical Sekt. I'm hoping to hear more of the hard EBM style from Lexincrypt in the future, but I hope he never steers away from his electro-industrial roots.

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