Various - Soundwave Assassins 3
Soundwave Assassins 3

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2006

Soundwave Assassins 3 is the latest in the series, which has progressed over the years. Originally a showcasing of various Utah acts, it now represents selections from Backscatter and Dungeon Recordings labels as well as two from DSBP Records. A real tribute to the electro-industrial genre, this compilation is filled with unreleased tracks including some from bands on hiatus.

After a quick intro, the track from Asseptic Room is an awesome beginning and my favorite track. Hard, brutal and with a great beat this track is excellent. We follow with two from Lexincrypt showing both sides of that project's sound: one being faster and beat driven and the other is slower with the same hard edge. Little Sap Dungeon presents their great hard edge. Next is an awesome power electronics remix of Diverje's "I Walk Alone". Next was another great track, this one a cover by Perception Cleanse Perception. Following this were two hard gritty industrial tracks from 23 Extacy, laden with guitars that give them a unique sound. Also quite unique were the pair of tracks from Roses of Exile: one a blend of faster electro-industrial and gothic vocals, and the second a slower and more plaintive sound. Symbiont comes next with a slower but hard track. Finishing it is the two sides of Boundless: one slower electro-industrial track, and the second an excellent faster dancier track.

Overall this is a good representation of what these labels have to offer. They cover the spectrum of the electro-industrial genre and are definitely not the hellectro mainstream that seems to be making its way around. My one complaint is that a few of these bands sound similar, but the whole album is still diverse (hopefully that doesn't sound too contradictory). I would recommend this more for the living room than the club DJ. If you like your music with a hard edge, you'll definitely love what these labels have to offer.

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