Dimension Zero - Scythe

Posted by DJ I.Z.
Released on: 2007
Label: Liquid Records

Different than what most may expect - this album takes a lot of genres to heart and tries to blend them together.

Dimension Zero is one of those fringe bands that made its way across my desk recently.  With elements of electronic rock and industrial rock, "Scythe" really tried to span a lot of sounds in 10 tracks.  While the band describes the album as "Dark electronic rock somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and The Doors", I found myself drawing some parallels to other artists, such as Anders Manga on "God Part II".  This track was my favorite by far, and had a lot of energy with a heavy industrial rock influence.  For me I was also reminded on some stuff from My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult on the track "Static Space (Snuff Pop Inc. Mix)", but given that I haven't heard the original version I'm not sure if that may have come from Snuff Pop Inc.

More of the album has a somewhat alt-electro-rock feel to it, which for me didn't sell it.  Given that this isn't a full-on industrial or EBM band, that's to be expected.  I'd say if you like electronic rock music, both slower and faster, this would be something to check out.  Die hard fans looking for "industrial rock" defined as KMFDM should skip this one, as they'd be disappointed.

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