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Dark Times Ahead

Started in 2019, this is the successor to the Plagued By Rhythm podcast. While more sporadic in nature (due to life time constraints), this is a music-only show that spans current releases as well as drawing on the music I've collected over the years.

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Plagued By Rhythm

From 2004 - 2016, Plagued By Rhythm was a weekly podcast incorporating mixes of your standard mix of new and past releases. Incorporating industrial, EBM, futurepop, synthpop, with ventures into gothic, noise, trance, and psytrance. Co-hosted by DJ COG_nition, it also featured guest appearances from DJ Mihai and Apocalypse Meow.

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The Next Wave

The Next Wave ran weekly on DI.FM as part of the Future Synthpop channel. This show ran 56 episodes in total before transitioning over to DJ April Elyse. Given its appearance on DI.FM, it was highly focused on a club-style mix of synthpop, futurepop, synthpop, and the occasional electropop or trance track for fun.

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